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Redesigning Classrooms: Spreading and Embedding the SOLO Taxonomy

In this set of posts about redesigning classrooms I want to look at some of the changes that teachers can incrementally make to their classrooms that may over time transform their practice.  The first post about the SOLO Taxonomy can be found here: Redesigning Classrooms: Using SOLO to Increase Challenge SOLO first appeared as part … Continue reading

When #SOLO Met Bloom Taxonomy

If you are interested in the thinking (thinking might be too strong a term for what I was actually doing) that brought me to explore this relationship you might want to look at a previous post, “Posts Move, Goals Don’t.”

Powerful Feedback the #SOLO Way

The positive impact of teacher feedback on attainment, as long as students act on the feedback given to improve the quality of their work, is pretty much a given these days.

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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