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#Vis2040: Island or Archipelago Education?

This is the first anniversary of my application to join the SSAT’s Vision 2040 Group. The first year has been an interesting and challenging one.  All credit to Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher), who leads the group, for keeping the wheels on the project along with the core team at the SSAT.  The problem we’ve had with Vision 2040, … Continue reading

#Vis2040: The New Professionalism – Re-imagining the Assessment System #SSATRS

I’ve just returned from a great few days at the annual SSAT Annual Conference.  The Vision 2040 Campaign is beginning to gather momentum and it was good to stop and look at the horizon alongside the current challenges and opportunities we face.

#Vis2040 – Power Shifts, Familiar Ground and Cul-de-Sacs. Reflections on #SSATNC13

I decided not to tweet out during this year’s SSAT as I would have probably filled up your time line.  Instead I’ve put my thoughts and reflections into a post about #Vis2040 about where we may be going as a profession and as an education system. The massive challenge of Vision 2040 is becoming more … Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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