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I’m Confident; Just Not that Committed #ThursdayThunk

The latest study on Mental Toughness sometimes termed grit or character) was designed to address the question “What is the state of “soft skills” development in Independent Schools and how did it compare with data from State Schools”. At this stage it doesn’t attend to questions such as, “Why is there a difference and what can both the independent school sector and the State school sector learn from the differences?” Continue reading


Mental Toughness: Being the Best You Can Be

With the increased challenge for pupils presented by the new Primary Curriculum, GCSEs and A-levels growth mindset, resilience, grit and mental toughness are all in vogue.  If you want mental toughness in the classroom then you need mental toughness in the staff room first. Continue reading

Bread, Roses and Marshmallows plus a Bit of Vgotsky #Mindset

There’s nothing quite like Vgotsky’s zone of proximal development, the place where a teacher really earns his or her corn, to grab my attention.  I first heard of it when learning about the Cognitive Acceleration in Science Programme in the early 1990’s.  Dr Barry Hymer, Professor of Psychology in Education at the University of Cumbria brought the memories flooding back in his key note speech. Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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