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Using an Assessment Decision Tree to align Students’ Reading Needs to Support by @ricketts_lara

Over the period from September 2018 to August 2022, Blackpool secondary schools engaged in a major whole school project to improve the reading ability of pupils in Key Stage 3.  The project was a collaborative effort involving: senior leaders, teachers & support staff; Right to Succeed and critical friends including Alex Quigley and Professor Jessie Ricketts.  The academic paper below explores part of that collaboration.

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School Environment and Leadership (Latest Evidence Review) by @EvidenceInEdu

It is often said that the impact of school leadership, on pupil outcomes, is second only to the impact of classroom teachers.  There is good evidence that a school’s professional environment affects pupils’ learning, in a range of ways. Hence it is critical that school leaders view their primary responsibility as creating and maintaining the most conducive professional environment they can.  Therein lies a problem.

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Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing Book Launch #LeadershipBKD

“My hope and intention, in writing Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing, was to help leaders. Leadership can be learnt. The three Ways with their constituent Basics are a means of exploring leadership. They represent a window or a mirror to help leaders improve their practice. In turn, as leaders, we must support the leaders who follow, who we have a responsibility to intentionally and collectively form.”

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Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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