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Cognitive Load Theory: 5 Underpinning Principles (the Compound Effects)

Cognitive Load Theory includes compound and simple effects that can be used to improve the quality of teaching and hence learning.  Five higher order compound effects alter the characteristics of other simple cognitive load effects.

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Time to Find and Compare Schools – Start Now

As the festive cheer begins to fade, schools start up again this month.  Staff and pupils arriving in the dark and often going home in it as well.  Following Christmas, the January pay day can seem a long, long way away.  But, it isn’t all doom and gloom; schools can look forward to the annual performance tables later this month.

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11,180 and OUT; That is Me Done

If days were equal to test runs (it’s 11,180 days since I started teaching), I’d be second in the English all-time run scorers list behind Alastair Cook. On a purely headship/CEO days count I’d be 12th (7,062 days); nestled between Andrew Strauss and Wally Hammond.  Today is my last working day as a teacher, headteacher and latterly CEO.

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Liminal Leadership


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