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Avoid Teaching to the Middle #rED19

Throughout my career, teaching to the middle meant focussing, unintentionally or as a means of survival, on the needs of those pupils whose attainment was at or around the mode for the class. Pupils whose attainment was higher or lower tended to be less well catered for.

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Education’s Immediate Challenges = Funding, Funding, Funding

With Boris Johnson in his dream job at Number 10 and Gavin Williamson installed at the Department for Education, the school funding taps need to be turned back on. Given the toxic nature of school funding for the Tories, at the last election, it was no surprise that significant promises were made during the leadership race.

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A Call for a Ten Year Education Funding Deal

The Government must fix the broken education funding system, commit to a multi-billion cash injection for schools and colleges and bring forward a strategic ten-year education funding plan.  A report by the Education Select Committee says funding has not kept pace with the rising demands placed on schools and colleges. Continue reading

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