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The Lion’s Den; Angst and Anger About Academisation

Wednesday gave me some empathy with how Daniel must have felt when he was thrown into the Lion’s Den.  The Diocese only has one Academy Trust, us, and everyone else is pretty happy with their local authority maintained lot. Continue reading

If the White Paper Didn’t Exist What Would You Do? Do It Anyway

This title is taken from a Tom Sherrington tweet; just replace “the White Paper” with “Ofsted” to get the original.  The White Paper has caused disquiet in quite a few places and a great deal of consternation in others.  It lays out the path which ministers, though by no means all of their back benchers, would like to travel in educational terms during this Parliament. Continue reading

Coasters, Academies, Ethics and the Girl with Long Dark Hair

The Queen’s Speech for another Parliamentary session has been delivered and the prospect of far more schools being forced to become academies looms large as well as a few hundred new free schools.  Being called a coaster is now something which has potentially far reaching consequences. Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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