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Leading Learning From Afar; the Data Dimension

Being able to influence people is arguably the ultimate leadership behaviour.  You can’t be a leader if you don’t influence others; how long you stay a leader may well depend on the methods you use.  The use of data in schools can be a bludgeoning experience or an enlightening one.  If the purpose of data focuses on accountability it tends to be the former and as it tends towards learning the later.  Continue reading

The Data Conclusion Confusion

In March 2013 Tom Sherrington wrote what I think of as one of his most iconic blogs, The Data Delusion.  He concluded, “On average it is a bit more complicated than that.”  Having just re-read Dylan Wiliam’s (2014) Principled Assessment Design here’s my own take on a similar theme. Continue reading

Feeding the Data Monster

It’s been an odd twelve months with respect to data.  I’ve spent the last two decades as a deputy and head teacher chucking as much aggregated data into the Data Monster, similar beasts exist in schools up and down the country, only to have now become an aggregated data minimalist. Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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