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Coasting, Confusion and Accountability Chaos

Every now and again a report comes out that turns me into a nodding dog.  They tend to be the ones that confirm my experiences or more honestly my biases.  Add to that a Department for Educations consultation that feels in part confused and you have some great material for a blog post.
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Coasting Schools Or the Hard Improvement Miles

If I ever come across a school where the governors and head teacher can’t be bothered, the senior leaders are bone idle, lazy and ineffective and the teachers couldn’t give a monkey then close it, academise it, sack the lot.  But that isn’t my experience. Continue reading

Coasters, Academies, Ethics and the Girl with Long Dark Hair

The Queen’s Speech for another Parliamentary session has been delivered and the prospect of far more schools being forced to become academies looms large as well as a few hundred new free schools.  Being called a coaster is now something which has potentially far reaching consequences. Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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