Cognitive Load Theory

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Avoid Teaching to the Middle #rED19

Throughout my career, teaching to the middle meant focussing, unintentionally or as a means of survival, on the needs of those pupils whose attainment was at or around the mode for the class. Pupils whose attainment was higher or lower tended to be less well catered for.

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Cognitive Load Theory Updated; 20 Years On – Implications for Teachers and Teaching

This is the second part of a post; the first part is: Cognitive Load Theory Updated; 20 Years On – Our Cognitive Architecture (with a downloadable resource by Oliver Caviglioli – see below).  Continue reading

Cognitive Load Theory Updated; 20 Years On – Our Cognitive Architecture

Cognitive Load Theory is increasingly influencing people’s thinking and hopefully will also influence their approach to teaching.  At its heart, it is a theory about instructional (teaching) design.  I find it useful for the classroom; it chimes with me as an ex-Science Teacher. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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