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How Mentally Tough or Sensitive Are You? #MTQ48

In Mental Toughness: Being the Best You Can Be I introduced our work on mental toughness.  You may alternatively know mental toughness as character, grit, growth mindset, learned optimism, learning powers.  Data on the mental toughness of young people across Blackpool reveals a high level of sensitivity and a very low level of toughness.  Continue reading


Mental Toughness: Being the Best You Can Be

With the increased challenge for pupils presented by the new Primary Curriculum, GCSEs and A-levels growth mindset, resilience, grit and mental toughness are all in vogue.  If you want mental toughness in the classroom then you need mental toughness in the staff room first. Continue reading

Joining the #GrowthMindset Dots: Resilience, Academic Buoyancy and Core Purpose

As part of our Trust’s new Business Plan we developed a set of ten objectives to focus our work over the next three years.  One was about “Developing Healthy Minds & Healthy Mindsets” based on our desire to be involved in Blackpool’s HeadStart programme and some preliminary work on Growth Mindsets. Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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