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What’s Beyond the Ofsted Inspection Jungle?

Is there a more civilised, enriching and effective accountability process than the current Ofsted Inspection regime?  Our current adrenaline fuelled, high stakes, steroid induced inspection system is changing, and changing for the better, but it is only the first step towards what is required. Continue reading

#Imagine … Accountability, Intelligent and True

If there is little trust in the system then it’s difficult to put in place an intelligent accountability system.  If we haven’t actually agreed the key end points of education for our young people it is impossible.  The current accountability system isn’t working from the basis of agreed end points and lacks the necessary subsidiarity thinking to be considered intelligent – apart from that it’s OK.  Well there is the issue of validity and reliability of judgements but we’ve never bothered about that so why start now?  If we want to be great we need to reframe our thinking. Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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