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Reasons to be Optimistic About Principled Classroom Assessment #LearningFirst

Below is the content of the second half of the presentation I gave at the #LearningFirst Conference in Sheffield on the 5th November 2016.  Thanks to Dame Alison and Julie for organising and to everyone who gave up their Saturday to attend. Continue reading

#LearningFirst – Reasons to be Optimistic About Assessment

Below is the contents of the first part of a presentation I intend to give at the #LearningFirst Conference in Sheffield on the 5th November 2016.  In talking about Principled Assessment in Practice and why we should be optimistic, I want to focus on the central assessment concept of validity from three different perspectives.  If we are going to move assessment forward in our schools we must understand the central concept of validation; “the process of establishing what conclusions are warranted and which are not” from the evidence we have (Wiliam, 2014). Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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