Liminal Leadership

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The Great Education Debate 40 Years On #LiminalLeadership

Prior to the 1980s, education was very much a local issue set within the context of the 1944 Education Act.  A move to comprehensive schools in the 1960s was arguably the major event.  How times have changed.  Like many people of my age, I have been honed, damaged and shaped by an era of increasingly pernicious accountability and the confused autonomy granted to us by successive governments.  Continue reading

Talking Education: A Reciprocal Act of Love and Trust

This is the month when secondary school headteachers age quickly.  It’s not just last year’s examination results playing on their mind or the start-up of the year; their haggard look is from numerous evenings making presentations to parents on the annual primary school merry-go-round. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership Required; We’re on the Edge

Christopher Logue invites us to “come to the edge”.  It can be a frightening or exhilarating place to stand; it depends on whether you think you are about to plummet or fly. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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