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The Disappearing Subjects

This year’s Provisional GCSE and A-level examination entries from Ofqual are both interesting and depressing; the same subjects, possibly even more, have faced a similar fate in many primary schools over the years.  If you want to wag the curriculum dog then just grab the accountability tail; Progress 8 seems to be driving the change. Continue reading

Performance Measures and #Progress8 Scams

When Michael Gove accused the profession of “gaming and cheating” it wasn’t surprising that a furious response followed. If he meant to provoke the profession he certainly achieved it.  Whilst I’m not sure that this is actually the role of a Secretary of State it opened up an interesting debate. Continue reading

#Imagine … All the Children

This is the third in a series of posts about the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.  They are being prepared for a couple of conferences I will be speaking at during late June & early July.  Each session will consist of a think piece, a short presentation and then a discussion.  Any comments or thoughts you have would be gratefully received. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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