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Classroom Excellence Demands Destination Clarity

It’s about this time of year that thoughts turn to planning a summer holiday.  Most of the debate often centres round where to go.  Once you’ve decided on the destination there are different ways of getting there, all equally valid.  How to get there tends to be an easier and more practical part of the discussion. Continue reading


Pedagogy and Student Behaviours #GreatTeaching

Every year should be a year of great teaching.  Naming it as such is one thing but actually achieving it is another.  A teacher needs to have a clear idea of what great teaching is and then determine their next step towards it. Continue reading

Lesson Planning: Start At the End

Teaching is an unusual profession in so much as you need to be both the architect of the learning and its builder.  Architects start with a vision or concept of what a house or building should be whereas builders start with the foundations and build upwards from this solid ground.  Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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