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Growth Mindset in the Staff Room

If you want Growth Mindset in the classroom then you need Growth Mindset in the staff room.  Growth Mindset is part of a wider deep cultural process aimed at improving the quality of teaching and outcomes for students. Continue reading

#Vis2040: The Inverted Doughnut Curriculum

How will we use the next twenty five years to develop one of the highest performing school systems in the World?  There is possibly much we can learn from the analogy of the inverted doughnut (Handy, 1991).  This can be applied to the curriculum as well as the role of government in education and our own roles within schools.  It is hopeless to ever try to fully describe and then dictate the whole, there is always a need to leave space to allow professional judgement and distinctiveness to enter into our systems. Continue reading


The New Professionalism – Reimagining the Profession

It won’t take long before merry hell breaks out in schools this term.  I’m not thinking of Year 9 after a wet, windy, miserable lunch time but rather the School Teachers’ Review Body’s Report (STRB) due out this week.  Following last year’s introduction of performance related pay this report may well end up to be an annual unsolicited and unhelpful wind up for teachers.

Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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