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Significant Change to Progress 8 for 2018; Outliers are Out

In January 2018, the Department for Education released their latest update on Secondary School Accountability measures.  It seems a number of people missed the significant change to Progress 8 that a number of groups, including Headteachers’ Roundtable, had been calling for.  Continue reading

Improving Progress 8; Avoid Perverse Incentives

The first unvalidated Progress 8 scores will be finding their way into schools shortly.  They will trigger a series of emotions.  Progress 8 will always be imperfect; no single number or grade can ever hope to fully express everything a school does for its pupils. Continue reading

The Disappearing Subjects

This year’s Provisional GCSE and A-level examination entries from Ofqual are both interesting and depressing; the same subjects, possibly even more, have faced a similar fate in many primary schools over the years.  If you want to wag the curriculum dog then just grab the accountability tail; Progress 8 seems to be driving the change. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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