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Using an Assessment Decision Tree to align Students’ Reading Needs to Support by @ricketts_lara

Over the period from September 2018 to August 2022, Blackpool secondary schools engaged in a major whole school project to improve the reading ability of pupils in Key Stage 3.  The project was a collaborative effort involving: senior leaders, teachers & support staff; Right to Succeed and critical friends including Alex Quigley and Professor Jessie Ricketts.  The academic paper below explores part of that collaboration.

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Improving Pupils’ Access to the Curriculum

Giving pupils access to a full time education is a good thing but to really benefit from the opportunity so much more is required.  Amongst others, one key element is a pupil’s ability to read.  As the curriculum has substantially increased in content and challenge poor reading ability is significantly hampering too many pupils’ access in a whole range of subjects. Continue reading

The 3Rs of Working with Disadvantaged Pupils

Statistically, working in a school with a large number of disadvantaged pupils of white ethnic origin isn’t likely to lead to many accolades or much acknowledgement. Blackpool is one such town; fortunately there is no all boys’ school; the hardest of the hard school improvement miles is raising attainment and showing good progress for white disadvantaged boys.

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Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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