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We Need Better Readers; So What Next?

If all your students read at the same standard as your very best readers in the year group would you transform the progress, attainment and life chances of your young people?  I tend to say “yes” to this; so what must we do to achieve it?

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Reading Like Proust via @ReadingWise #DeepReading

Reading, literacy in general, is the gateway to the curriculum.  Without it children struggle to access subjects and their content.  Whilst some children’s technical reading is sound they struggle to make sense of what they have read. Continue reading

The Super Powered Assistants of Teachers by @ReadingWise

I’ve always thought that reading, literacy in general, was the gateway to the curriculum.  Without it students struggle to access subjects and their content.  A number of months ago I first met Jamie Fries and decided with the academies three head teachers to employ ReadingWise across the Trust to help improve reading and comprehension skills. Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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