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The Results Collection

This Results Collection consists of two related posts.  The #5MinResultsAnalysis co-authored with @TeacherToolkit (Ross McGill) and Academic Review: Don’t Blame, Find Out & Fix. Continue reading

Academic Review: Don’t Blame, Find Out and Fix

It is that time of year when schools up and down the country are looking at the summer’s results.  There is a tendency when things have gone well to smile, congratulate and move on rather than identifying the key strengths in your approach that have led to you success.  Continue reading

The #5MinResultsAnalysis by @LeadingLearner & @TeacherToolkit

The beginning of many school years often starts with an analysis of the previous year’s results.  This can be a complex and time consuming business which can send a number of more “statistically challenged” teachers heading for a darkened room to lie down in.  There is a balance to strike between having enough data to analyse in depth without “analysis for analysis” sake and the potential to miss the main learning points. Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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