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Real School Improvement Starts Here

Like many schools we are currently looking at the data from last year’s Year 2, 6, 11 and 13 cohorts via RAISE, FFT & ALPS.  The various documents have reinforced where we need to put our improvement efforts to ensure current pupils’ future success.  Invariably too much focus will be on the short term; success next summer. Continue reading

Challenging Yourself as a Teacher or Leader #ThursdayThunk

There’s a restlessness in many of us that drives us to keep improving.  It’s a good thing but something that needs channelling if it is not to become disorientating, exhausting and eventually self-defeating.  Excellence may well be a habit but it’s a disciplined habit. Continue reading

Eyebrows Prove It or Lose It #ResearchEd

Importing ex-army personnel into schools is in vogue with politicians, at the moment, with talk of improved discipline and building character.  I actually wonder whether it’s more of a navy import we require. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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