Structure of Observed Learning Outcome

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When Didactic Met Co-operative

The debate about teacher or pupil-led teaching has to stop, for me it is “wrong jungle” thinking.  There are both teacher centric and student centric approaches that work, the research evidence is pretty clear.  Equally both approaches have some pretty uninformed and dodgy practices that unfortunately have find their way into our classrooms. Continue reading


When #SOLO Met Bloom Taxonomy

If you are interested in the thinking (thinking might be too strong a term for what I was actually doing) that brought me to explore this relationship you might want to look at a previous post, “Posts Move, Goals Don’t.”

Continue reading

Consistently Good to Outstanding

Reading Ross McGill’s blog post #GoodinTen – Requires Improvement CPD Programme got me thinking, his posts often do.  As a school we have been consistently good, for the past decade, with increasing amounts of outstanding reported in each consecutive Ofsted Inspection but we are stuck at good.  Good with many outstanding elements still equals good.  The quality of teaching has got better and better, over the years, with more outstanding teaching observed through our formal lesson observation programme.  However, we have teachers who have consistently been graded as delivering good lessons and they are utterly frustrated at not yet having achieved a “coveted” outstanding grade.  They are also stuck at good. Continue reading

Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing (New Book)

Liminal Leadership


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