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If the White Paper Didn’t Exist What Would You Do? Do It Anyway

This title is taken from a Tom Sherrington tweet; just replace “the White Paper” with “Ofsted” to get the original.  The White Paper has caused disquiet in quite a few places and a great deal of consternation in others.  It lays out the path which ministers, though by no means all of their back benchers, would like to travel in educational terms during this Parliament. Continue reading

Good But Stuck and Increasingly Fragile #WhitePaper

Professor Tim Oates described the English Education System as “Good but stuck”, I’d now suggest it is “Good but stuck and increasingly fragile.”  Reacting to a pretty full White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere (who could possibly disagree), on day one has certain down sides; on reflection some ideas which appear rather poor improve with age and vice versa. Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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