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Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools #EEFLiteracy

Flowing from more limited speech, language and communication, in the early years, through more limited vocabulary acquisition pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to attain the more advanced literacy levels of their advantaged peers.  Disaffection and exclusion are all too often rooted in this simple narrative. Continue reading

The Matter “Meant”, “Taught” and “Learned” (Intent, Implementation and Impact) #EdFest

This is the presentation and a summary of my talk at the Festival of Education. The opening slides about “curriculum being purpose enacted” and the link between the purpose of a curriculum and its design can be found in 7 Principles of Good Curriculum Design.

Continue reading

Writing a Curriculum Policy: Nuance, Tensions and Competing Priorities

Developing a coherent, vertically integrated curriculum sounds like a great idea.  In reality, it will come with a whole series of compromises.  People might be accepting of these compromises or you might just make everyone unhappy.  Developing a curriculum at a whole school level requires decisions about what will be prioritised and what will be less of a priority. Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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