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Writing a Curriculum Policy: Nuance, Tensions and Competing Priorities

Developing a coherent, vertically integrated curriculum sounds like a great idea.  In reality, it will come with a whole series of compromises.  People might be accepting of these compromises or you might just make everyone unhappy.  Developing a curriculum at a whole school level requires decisions about what will be prioritised and what will be less of a priority. Continue reading


(Re)thinking and (Re)writing Your Curriculum Policy

Think before you write is probably a pretty obvious statement.  As with pupils and their thinking; to think deeply about something it helps if you have a level of prior knowledge.  You need something to guide and frame your thoughts. Continue reading

7 Principles of Good Curriculum Design

A curriculum breathes life into a school’s or teacher’s philosophy of education; it is purpose enacted.  Different philosophies of education – personal empowerment; cultural transmission; preparation for work or preparation for citizenship – place different emphasis on aspects of curriculum design.  Curriculum design involves seven key principles which operate in tension with each other. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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