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Ofsted’s Autumn Inspections

Ofsted has now completed its set of pilot “visits” to schools and will now start inspecting schools.  We can only hope Ofsted will learn the lessons from the pilot – give schools a week’s notice of their visit and don’t issue any judgemental letter. Or better still accept that now is the time to leave school and school leaders to get on with their already challenging jobs.

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The Impact of Accountability on Responsibility

The past few months, including the start to this academic year, have emphasised the depth of social responsibility felt by schools.  This responsibility has been a driver for many school leaders’ actions during the pandemic, as well as for many years preceding it.  However, in 2017, the Association of School & College Leaders (ASCL) established an Ethical Leadership Commission “because of concerns expressed by ASCL members and others about the lack of guiding principles for ethical leadership in education”.  It adopted the Nolan Principles, adding a series of defined behaviours – personal characteristics or virtues – namely: trust, wisdom, kindness, justice, service, courage and optimism.

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Literacy: What’s Your Purpose?

The answer to the question might seem rather obvious, to enable pupils to read & write.  I have no disagreement with that.  However, the choice about what children read and who decides is value-laden.  This challenge was laid bare to us when we started looking at developing a literary canon across the small cross phase multi academy trust, which I led until my retirement in December 2019.  What fifty books should all children, who attended the academies in the trust, read between the ages of 4 to 14?

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Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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