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EEF Guidance: Pupil Premium Opportunities and Challenges

This short guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation: looks at five key principles; includes some myth busters; gives a suggested tiered approach to pupil premium spending and a set of four case studies to help exemplify the good work going on in schools. Continue reading


Did The Fun Boy Three and Bananarama Nail School Improvement?

“It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it and that’s what gets results.”  So goes the 1982 song from the two groups.  Over time, I’ve increasingly understood that the way things are done matters hugely but always thought “It ain’t what you do” was just an unfortunate lead in to the Bananarama Principle of School Improvement (Implementation Matters). Continue reading

Writing a Curriculum Policy: Nuance, Tensions and Competing Priorities

Developing a coherent, vertically integrated curriculum sounds like a great idea.  In reality, it will come with a whole series of compromises.  People might be accepting of these compromises or you might just make everyone unhappy.  Developing a curriculum at a whole school level requires decisions about what will be prioritised and what will be less of a priority. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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