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Texting Your Way to Improved Attendance

The link between good attendance and higher levels of attainment are pretty well established.  Many school leaders talk about “quality teaching first”; I understand and accept the basis of their logic but if a pupil isn’t in the classroom s/he won’t benefit.  You’ve got to get them in first. Continue reading

Good Attendance Still Required #ThursdayThunk

Pinging into the email box today was a letter from Nick Gibb MP about the recent High Court judgment involving Jon Platt and the Isle of Wight Council.  Basically Mr Platt argued that despite taking a term time holiday his child’s attendance was still good and consequentially the fine that had been imposed on him was unlawful.  The High Court agreed; Mr Platt’s happy but Mr Gibb is decidedly miffed. Continue reading

Liminal Leadership


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