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The Impact of Limiting Success

It seems that students and schools might want to brace themselves for a significant down turn in results; that’s how the statistics may be read.  This year the number of jumping, smiling, certificate holding straight 9s students may well be between 0-2. Continue reading

Acing Attainment 8 – Do You Have the Answers?

This blog post might not make total sense if you haven’t had a look at my previous one: The Implications of GCSE Changes to School Accountability.  In the post there was an exercise to complete on calculating Attainment 8 and this is the follow up post with the answer to the exercise. Continue reading

The Implications of GCSE Changes on School Accountability

At the start of the week I was asked to present to a group of people from the Diocese the changes at A-levels and GCSE.  The A-level changes whilst having massive implications for workload, being brought in at the same time as significant GCSEs for some inexplicable reason, are relatively easy to understand.  However, the numerous changes at GCSE are of a totally different order in terms of understanding and implementation; not helped by delays in publishing syllabi. Continue reading

Educating with Purpose – The Heart of What Matters

Liminal Leadership


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