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Teaching Touchstones and Mantras. What’s Yours?

Very early on, in headship, I developed a series of three touchstones that proved useful when faced with complex decisions.  Was the decision I was taking legal and moral?  Would it keep the wolves away from the door (read Ofsted)? And would it, when implemented, be good enough for my children? Continue reading


12 Pointers Towards Great Teaching Assessment and Learning

Twelve is a good a number as any for directing people towards better teaching, assessment and learning.  It certainly won’t cover everything and there are probably things you will disagree with.  I don’t have any monopoly on what might improve teaching, assessment and learning.  Rather these are the distillation of a number of presentations I have made of late and we are in the process of implementing across the Trust. Continue reading

Can We All Teach Like a Champion? #TLaC

If developing the quality of teaching is a leadership imperative is it possible for us all to teach like a champion with the right professional development?  I’ve been reading, which is always a dangerous thing, or more correctly re-reading a number of books and documents in order to develop a new professional development programme. Continue reading

New Book: Liminal Leadership

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It won't get your marking done in five minutes but will help your structure your marking so you and the students get the most out of it.


Getting the behaviour of students right, in the class room, is the challenge for every teacher. This simple planner will take you through the main stages required to help you achieve a purposeful learning envionment


Ideas and the thinking behind a professional development to help improve the quality of teaching and learning. Keep the learning tight, the lesson plan loose and focus on the learners

Planning to Get Behaviour Right: Research Plus Experience

The thinking behind the #5MinBehaviourPlan and our whole school approach to managing behaviour.

Education for Wisdom

Why the four knowledge dimensions (covering knowledge and skills) and a moral compass are at the heart of an outstanding education.

When Feedback Met Bloom

A look at the power of Feedback to students using Bloom's four knowledge dimensions

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