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Data and Feedback Informed Teaching and Learning

We’ve identified data, feedback, research and experience as four important sources of information to assist with the further development and improvement of teaching and learning.  The use of data and feedback to inform teaching and learning (DAFITAL) is our way of implementing Data Driven Instruction which can be found in Leverage Leadership.  It is well worth reading. Continue reading

Abandonment and Enhancement – Assessment and Expected Learning Gains #Great Teaching

One of the challenges we face as a profession is that we are much better at using the word “and” as opposed to the word “instead”We’re better at “yes” than “no”.  It leads to initiative and implementation overload. Continue reading

The Year of #GreatTeaching

Whilst every year should be a year of great teaching it sometimes helps to focus if you name it.  So, 2015 is now the Year of Great Teaching.
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Liminal Leadership


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