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Response to Ofsted’s Draft Education Inspection Framework

The following Executive Summary has been produced by Headteachers Roundtable in Response to Ofsted Draft Education Inspection Framework.  We’re interested in people’s thoughts which can be sent to headteachersrt@hotmail.co.uk; we’ll read them all but it is unlikely we will be able to respond (apologies in advance).    

Executive Summary

A downloadable version of our summary is here; please feel free to share it with others as you determine how you wish to respond:

HTRT Draft Response to Ofsted Inspection Framework – For Comment

We are preparing a response to the various questions asked in the consultation; our current view is that we are likely to disagree or strongly disagree with all of the proposals in their consultation. This is pretty much the same as the response the NAHT has circulated to members.  The only difference is we can see little merit in splitting behaviour and personal development and so will disagree with that proposal also.

This is an excellent document prepared by the NAHT giving its response:

NAHT – Ofsted Consultation Guide

ASCL has also released a draft for members to comment on.  We are fully supportive of their concern and proposals about the tone of the handbook and the use of internal data.  We support their concerns about the EBacc but believe the first part of their proposal, to remove reference to the EBacc altogether, is the only means of obtaining the clarity schools require.  ASCL’s concerns about the on-site preparation (no-notice inspection) and proposal to remove it does not however lead us to conclude that an increase to a two day Section 8 inspection (currently the one day short inspection) is warranted or justified.

ASCL’s strong response to Ofsted’s draft Framework is here:

ASCL – Ofsted Consultation Provisional Response



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